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Plastics Dept. No.1

Business Highlight

We sell various kinds of raw materials, which are imported mainly from Japan. The remaining materials are sourced from Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. In addition we are the sales agent for local suppliers such as AsahiKasei Plastics (Thailand), Siam Polystyrene (DOW), Polyplastics Marketing (T), Thai Toray Synthetics, IRPC, IRPC A&L and others. We are also researching to develop and provide innovative new materials. 


Name  : Mr.Nayok
Tel. : (66) 0-2654-0002-29 Ext.756
Email : info_bkkqz@sumitomocorp.com

Product Categories

  • Plastics Resins

Plastics Resins

Sample of Products

• Commodity Plastics: PP, HDPE, LDPE, PS, ABS, AS, ASA
• Engineering Plastics: PA, PPE, PC, PPS, POM, PBT, LCP, PTFE
• Synthetic rubbers: EPDM, ACM, ECO

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