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Chemical, Mineral Resources & Energy Division

Division Highlight

The Chemical, Mineral Resources & Energy Division covers a wide-range of products, comprising organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, functional chemicals, fine chemicals, plastics and electronics related materials. Through our worldwide network, we supply excellent products to numerous industries competitively and reliably. There are three major business areas in the Chemical, Mineral Resources & Energy Division, consisting of the Organic Chemicals Department, Fine & Inorganic Chemicals Department and Plastics Department. The core products in the Organic Chemicals Departments are olefins, aromatics, phenol chains, acids, variety of monomers, and etc. The Fine & Inorganic Chemicals Department provides major products such as raw materials for cosmetics, dyestuff & auxiliaries in the textile industry, agrochemicals or pesticides, rice bran oil and derivatives, raw materials and aggregates for concrete and cement, and many other speciality products used in various industries. The product range of plastics resins, plastic films and electronics related materials for automotive, home appliances, packagings and so other wide application are managed by the Plastics Department.

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